Sauvons le chardoneret Algerien! اياو نحهميو الملقنين الزين دىالنا من الانقراض

Sahittou  ya l’ ahbab , Salamou alikoum_Hi there

Hi, I am back,  I would like to talk a little more about “El Makneen,” the Algerian goldfinch, which is about to disappear, like some other species on earth, as well, mostly because of La bêtise Humaine.

Recently, while I was waiting for my turn, in the I came across of an issue of theWorldwide Life Focus magazine by chance, with a photo on the cover, of a tiny bird from  the delta of  the  Mekong river, no bigger than your pinky, and  sadly there is a few left there; some people, like their nests “seasoned” in their plates, so that for this species are about to disappear. In Algeria, we like them makneen in a cage, it’s more logical but la bêtise has no limits? Then, what  rung my bell is “like”.

Since the time of yore,we use to have a chardoneret or a canaries birds, or both it’s de the hobby of the moment, and the birds were mostly  owned by few people aficionados of chaabi music, and craftsmen of some trades. We were  six millions souls in the sixties then, we are thirty-five or more now, and we all like to have a makneen home, so the buccaneers chased the  birds with nets and glued sticks, for years, rising the bare, so that by now the species becomes rare, its price is equal to a thousand dollars  each so far that I heard.

Thanks to the authorities, the specie is protected now, and  anyone  found in possession of the bird should pay a fine, still the number of birds caged indoors  homes is unknown.

What is alarming, it’s very hard to breed a couple of the same kind in cage, and the breeding very praised with the canaries females gives mullets, which is, they did not egg, then by a decade or so there will be no Mackeneen around, apart of a stamp figure.

Pease go to: to learn more about it.

It’s true that  the chardoneret chant is the most beautiful in the world, and above all the mullet’s one, but Have a few courage and with a gesture of great nobly, give back to Dame Nature what belongs to her…

See you The 21 first of March, and don’t forget, just open your cage…


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