Why we write? when we write, are we right?

Why we write? when we write, are we right?

So I write, thus I am.
All those things apart
The Things I Carry from 2015 and my One Word for 2016

Write here, Write now

I begin with something like that…

“Call me Ishmael…” Or Call me Demosthenes, or as you like it

_  Well, I do agnise something of the sort. I confess it’s my humor, my fancy–at the forepart of the day, when the mind of your man of letters at the end of the day requires some relaxations… _Charles Lamb, Essays of Elia, 1823

Each day, when I want to start to write, I found myself that someone had already devanced me on some topics ideas, if it’s  not, that is already deja-vu, and I wanted to not fall in it. I tried to be careful, by not to plagiarize, I restrain myself  to the strict discipline of brievity, to escape the stress of the block of writing.

We borrow sometimes, words, and  expressions from people of genius, sometimes in purpose, like Joan Didion did explicitly in writing “Essays and Conversations”, and “The white Album.”

And also;

http://www.george-orwell.org/Why_I_Write/0.html_ why I Write, from George Orwell .

Words, when we utter them, it’s strikes our memory, at the very moment; they are triggers, they evoke souvenirs deeply hidden in our mind, and that what inspires us, to write prose and poetry, or to paint and draw images; to express feelings that run under the skin,   à-fleur-de-peau, à-fleur-de- L’eau, and then when reading or hearing them from others. It expel some dormant vows, longtime burrowed between the folds of the heart. Then, as they become familiar to us, like the + and – signs on jewelry medallions, hitched initials, it is a verse from a poem of Marcel Proust Poet; It said:

“you see, I love you everyday a little more; today much more  than yesterday, and a bit lesser than tomorrow. “

Originally in Frensh; “Car vois-Tu, je t’aime, aujourd-huit un peu plus qu’hier, et bien moins que demain.”

Or without knowing it, like your man of letters — I’m not saying that I’m a mailman, an honorable profession, above all, and  bien à propos, that I think  all the best, to which I postulated for a job through USPS  in the past, and that unfortunately I didn’t access to  the place. Before anything else, I must say this profession at the beginning, for its first status,  it had Mercury as the first messenger of  gods, in Greek mythology, but that had one last inconvenient also; to be killed at once for elating bad news, like Julius-Cesar  did with his messenger who was thrown to the lion– the good news is, I just used a passage from Joan Didion, and Orwell in writing my blogs, in response to the WordPress Daily prompts.

All right, that’s all, I did it, I hope that you enjoy reading it, and expect some feedbacks from you, dear reader

Once more_”Dare you come back for a little Dickens?”_Late Night Show, Letterman

Thank you


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I am an autodidact writer, and enough of an artist, to draw upon my imagination_I can't pretend here, to imitate Einstein's expression, nor to profess having enough knowledge of that sort, credit is, where credit is due, noblety obliged, nor to build equations, or quest forlost gravity, still, having this audacity to emitate Mr. Einstein one's expression is a crime of Lese-majeste, and to not being an imbued person, first, pardon my intrusive Introduction, but isn't it imitating someone, the same as, like of gardening and planting coliflowers? Maybe Orchids... Secondo, I just have borrowed his quote _"knowledge is limited, imagination encircles the world ", for the pumps and circumstance, and just for the sake blogging, put it that way down to paper, and to fancy make an old dream of mine comes true, perhaps one day, and if time permitting, a would-be a writer and having enough ingredients for writing prose and possibly poetry _Thankful always to my reader for stopping by, and To all the followers: Thank you for following my blog, regularly, and by your likes on my posts, you're encouraging me each time, to persist and strive to do better for blogging than the sensational, and to take the risk to be boring sometimes ; please send me your feeds Thanks you again extra large for your patience _Modestly speaking: _Inspirational Dr. Seuss's quote: _“You have brains in your head. You have feet in your shoes. You can steer yourself any direction you choose. You’re on your own. And you know what you know. And You are the one who’ll decide where to go.” ― Dr. Seuss

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