“Safe”_ Take it or leave it

“A picture is worth 1000 words.”


Is it safe?

_This safe has been through a lot. Tell its story.

Image credit: “safe” – © 2007 Paul Keller – made available under Attribution 2.0 Generic

The story is,  “This is Living”, an essay In loitering: New & collected essays

I was reading “This is Living.”_An excerpt from an essay, Of Charles D’Ambrosio’s Reading List: A Charles D’Ambrosio Reading list, and as the author came to conclude, as  I arrived at the end of my reading, to the last line,” No one took it, because it was heavy, and empty, but one morning when I look out from my window, and it was gone, ” then, suddenly,  it struck my mind, that when I recalled the Image credit: “Safe” — the image above, and the Daily Prompt: the idea topic to write a post about.

A year ago, a post which I started it, and left it as a draft:”certainly somebody took it,” I mean, –the safe  in the story, which is  all about it, in “this is living, and where it ended up abandoned on a patch of dirt, in the way, or in something like that, as it occurred, is ended up with  the same sort of fate” to the safe,” exactly where it had been left; I returned to it, to find the scrap of paper on top of a heap of drafts.

It was sometimes, in the middle of the story, where things started to make sense:

The bank kept the money safe. It was the physical place, it was the vault with the polished steel door, it was the safe deposit in which I'd store my silver dollars beside my father watch and fob that one day would be mine, when the time was right.

Then, I was wondering about the answer to the question:is it safe? At t top of the post. I remembered Marathonman,Little big man, there are some quotes and classics movies answers that one never forget, in that they became current in the public mind.

Goldman may not have originally conceived Marathon Man as a movie, but the final script stayed largely faithful to his novel. The film, like the book, begins with the death of Szell’s brother in a fiery Manhattan car crash. This accident brings together the lives of three people: Babe, who is about to begin a romance with the beautiful Swiss student Elsa; the spy Doc, who discovers that the couriers for Szell’s diamonds are being killed off and that he may be next; and Szell himself, who travels incognito from Uruguay to New York to retrieve his gems. When Doc learns that Babe and Elsa have been mugged in Central Park by Szell’s goons, he travels to New York and tries to convince Babe that Elsa is not who she claims to be. Doc confronts Szell, who fatally stabs him, but the spy survives long enough to die in Babe’s arms. Peter Janeway, Doc’s colleague and (implied) lover, questions Babe, warning him that Szell’s men may come after him. Indeed, Szell’s goons abduct Babe and the Nazi doctor tortures him with dental tools, seeking the answer to a mysterious question: “Is it safe?” (for Szell to retrieve his jewels from the bank).

I was a fervent fan of Dustin Hoffman,and a movie-goer,in the 70ies, and I had Seen, basically all the movies in which he had starring in, in a logical way, i conjugate the effort to put together a bou-a-bout of a story with another.

To conclude’ to the question-“Is it safe?”at the beggening of the post above – a quote from the movie The Maratonman, the answer was “it is not safe.” It was a story about stolen diamons transported by c0uriers  and a control agent involved in an elaborate network of couriers who transport diamonds stolen during World War II from wealthy Jews seeking to flee Germany, which are then sold on world markets for the secret benefit of fugitive Nazi war criminal Dr. Christian Szell (Laurence Olivier). Szell, a dentist who tortured Jews in a concentration camp, the whole story, you can read it by clicking on the link above.

Certainly, I don’t have the pretense to tell a story of equal “weight” that strikes one’s fancy, like ” This is Living” as narrated, in  the same way as the writer did, but what I could say is, that I am enough an artist to draw up on my imagination, and to invite you to go through the path, if you want to know  the entire story from the beginning to the end.

Thoughtfully, yours

Happy reading


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I am an autodidact writer, and enough of an artist, to draw upon my imagination_I can't pretend here, to imitate Einstein's expression, nor to profess having enough knowledge of that sort, credit is, where credit is due, noblety obliged, nor to build equations, or quest forlost gravity, still, having this audacity to emitate Mr. Einstein one's expression is a crime of Lese-majeste, and to not being an imbued person, first, pardon my intrusive Introduction, but isn't it imitating someone, the same as, like of gardening and planting coliflowers? Maybe Orchids... Secondo, I just have borrowed his quote _"knowledge is limited, imagination encircles the world ", for the pumps and circumstance, and just for the sake blogging, put it that way down to paper, and to fancy make an old dream of mine comes true, perhaps one day, and if time permitting, a would-be a writer and having enough ingredients for writing prose and possibly poetry _Thankful always to my reader for stopping by, and To all the followers: Thank you for following my blog, regularly, and by your likes on my posts, you're encouraging me each time, to persist and strive to do better for blogging than the sensational, and to take the risk to be boring sometimes ; please send me your feeds Thanks you again extra large for your patience _Modestly speaking: _Inspirational Dr. Seuss's quote: _“You have brains in your head. You have feet in your shoes. You can steer yourself any direction you choose. You’re on your own. And you know what you know. And You are the one who’ll decide where to go.” ― Dr. Seuss

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