Take That Rosetta!

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Take That, Rosetta!.”

Oh!I'm taking it, and will fly
to Tokyo, on the next vacation, and I'm learning Japanese,too
if you please, (s'il-vous-plait!)
The last Time, I was there, some twenty years ago,
I visited the Emperor pavilion on a tour, a visit on-site-seeing to the wing-lot, open to public section.
The tea house, with the geisha in Kimono preparing Japanese tea ceremony, and all the solemn rite, meticulously unfolded before our eyes; the bow before sitting, the receiving guests, the turning of the bowl  with the fingers while holding it with the other, sweeping the rim, the bowling water in iron pot, all in all. There was a scroll pined to the wall of an alcove, a beautiful drawing with a poem,I must say,from passing centuries, that attracted my eyes.
But sorry, I couldn't read it, although the guide had explained the meaning to us, foreign visitors, I didn't get it, in the moment, and forgot about it.
It took me  sometime, and a library, to discover_ Zen in the Japanese culture, a book of D.S. Suzuki, 
and fall incidentally in love with Zen, green tea, tea house, and all the charivari like; to the point to build a tea house in my backyard, to indulge unsweetened Japanese green tea, and listening to the wind crisping the pine tree needles
I hope you got it, too, Zen
Oh! Rosetta, sayonara, wish you were there

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I am an autodidact writer, and enough of an artist, to draw upon my imagination_I can't pretend here, to imitate Einstein's expression, nor to profess having enough knowledge of that sort, credit is, where credit is due, noblety obliged, nor to build equations, or quest forlost gravity, still, having this audacity to emitate Mr. Einstein one's expression is a crime of Lese-majeste, and to not being an imbued person, first, pardon my intrusive Introduction, but isn't it imitating someone, the same as, like of gardening and planting coliflowers? Maybe Orchids... Secondo, I just have borrowed his quote _"knowledge is limited, imagination encircles the world ", for the pumps and circumstance, and just for the sake blogging, put it that way down to paper, and to fancy make an old dream of mine comes true, perhaps one day, and if time permitting, a would-be a writer and having enough ingredients for writing prose and possibly poetry _Thankful always to my reader for stopping by, and To all the followers: Thank you for following my blog, regularly, and by your likes on my posts, you're encouraging me each time, to persist and strive to do better for blogging than the sensational, and to take the risk to be boring sometimes ; please send me your feeds Thanks you again extra large for your patience _Modestly speaking: _Inspirational Dr. Seuss's quote: _“You have brains in your head. You have feet in your shoes. You can steer yourself any direction you choose. You’re on your own. And you know what you know. And You are the one who’ll decide where to go.” ― Dr. Seuss

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